Titan Rope Scraper

The Cowcare Titan Rope Scraper was introduced as a result of increased passage lengths in the modern dairy unit.  Designed and engineered for performance, the Titan Rope Scraper system is capable of up to four passages per system, and passage lengths in excess of 200m.

The built in Opti-sense is the most advanced scraper safety system, resulting in unrivalled protection for livestock in the building, and accurate stopping of the system.

Highly robust installation features a Single Capstan drive system, powered by 0.55kw geared motor.  This system offers the choice of Pro-Rope or Deltex, the latest development in rope technology.

Key benefits of Titan Cable

    • 10mm & 14mm diameter cow friendly stainless steel or galvanised cable.
    • Excellent performance in all weather / seasonal conditions
    • No movement / stretch after several months under permanent tension

The Capstan drive unit is always ground mounted. This compact drive unit has been designed for ease of maintenance and allows the replacement of cable without the need for tools.

Scraper options

  • Pro-Diamond slat scraper blade : designed for superior cleaning, features diagonal blade
  • Pro-Scrape two direction : rubber scraper for two direction scraping requiring dump tank at both ends
  • Opti-Clean solid passage scraper : efficient scraping for solid floors
  • Combi-Scrape folding blade : folding scraper for drive-through feed passage