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Rope Scraper for Solid and Slatted Floors

The Cowcare Rope Scraper, introduced to the UK market in 1998 remains No.1 in both UK sales and reliability.

This simple yet highly robust installation, features two drive units per system, powered by 0.55kw geared motors.  The heart of the system is our specially formulated Ultra-Glide rope. Even after all these years, no other rope has been proven to out-perform our Ultra-Glide rope.

Key benefits of Ultra-Glide Rope

  • No adverse effect on cows feet
  • Out-performs all other ropes
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear

Drive units can be wall or ground mounted depending on layout, making this system the ideal choice when retro-fitting your existing buildings.

Scraper options

  • Pro-Diamond slat scraper blade : designed for superior cleaning, features diagonal blade
  • Pro-Scrape two direction : rubber scraper for two direction scraping requiring dump tank at both ends
  • Opti-Clean solid passage scraper : efficient scraping for solid floors
  • Combi-Scrape folding blade : folding scraper for drive-through feed passages
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Trojan Scraper for Sand Bedding Installations

For many years we avoided sand installations, due to the documented high failure rate of Chain and Hydraulic systems in this application.  In 2009 we carried out a R&D project to assess the viability of creating the first UK built system, designed primarily for sand.

The result of this R&D was the introduction of the Trojan Sand System.

Our main remit was to create a simple yet hard-wearing system that can be maintained by the customer. After two years of tireless on-farm trial work, both performance results and farmer feedback indicated that it was a resounding success.

The Trojan Sand system utilises the tried and tested drive units from our Rope Scraper, powered by 0.55kw geared motors.

Due to the increased wear from the sand, the Trojan Sand System uses Pro-Glide. This rope offers a more cost effective solution to the customer.  As standard we expect the system to require new pull rope every 4000 scrape cycles with back ropes lasting around 6000 scrapes.

Key benefits of Pro-Glide

  • Excellent resistance to sand
  • No adverse effect on cows feet
  • Cost effective replacement cost

In all sand applications we prefer to install wall mounted drive units. This reduces the contact between the winch equipment and the highly aggressive sand  thus increasing service life.

Scraper options

  • Opti-Clean HDS solid passage scraper – fitted with sand wear plates.
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SRone is a scraper robot designed specially to clean slatted floors. It pushes and scrapes tirelessly, easily traversing long passageways and connecting walkways as well as getting into corners and edges to ensure clean, slurry-free surfaces. This reduces the risk of infection, guarding against hoof diseases and mastitis, and generally promoting the health of the animals.

The SRone moves noiselessly between the animals without causing any agitation. In fact, quite the opposite. The cows take to it right from the start. Flat and compact, the SRone moves smoothly under gates and carries out its work without supervision. The safety switch is particularly animal-friendly. As soon as the pushing threshold is exceeded, it stops forward movement and starts an obstacle-avoidance manoeuvre.

The SRone reliably ensures good shed hygiene by automatically cleaning the cow passageways. And when it comes to the bottom line, healthy animals produce more milk at less cost!

Thanks to the high-performance batteries which operate for up to 19.5 hours a day, a quick-charge concept of 4.5 hours and a weight of 400 kg, this small muscle man can clean between 6,000 and 8,600 square meters of barn surface up to eight times per day. When cleaning corners, edges and angles it is particularly agile and quiet. The SRone can turn around completely within 2m. It has a pushing force of up to 100 kg. An integrated safety circuit ensures that forward movement is stopped when there is an obstacle in the path and that an avoidance manoeuvre is immediately instigated.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum barn hygiene in all slatted passageways
  • Healthy feet, well conditioned animals = reduced treatment costs
  • Extremely agile robot cleans corners, edges and angles
  • Able to handle loads of up to 100 kg with integral safety switching
  • Animal-friendly design ensures immediate acceptance by the cows = stress-free atmosphere in the barn
  • Low-maintenance, long service life technology = low maintenance costs
  • Quick rubber lip replacement = only a few manual steps to remove the scraper
  • Saves work time and effort
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Our diagonal steel slats which are manufactured from high quality steel and fully galvanised are designed to be used above slurry channels and at the end of scraper passages. They are more expensive than concrete slats but are 4 times more effective at removing slurry from the passage.

For added cow safety we can provide a steel tread plate finish to increase grip for livestock.

Lift up doors are also available.

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Heavy Duty Yard Scraper

The Cowcare heavy duty yard scraper has been designed for use with telescopic handlers and skid steers.

  • Heavy Duty design.
  • Fully floating design to improve performance.
  • Hard wearing reversible rubber blades, 50mm thick.
  • Width adjustable.

Standard width-  2100 to 3200mm. 3 position adjustment.  (7 foot to 10 foot 4 inches)

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