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Rope Scraper for Solid & Slatted Floors

The Cowcare Rope Scraper, introduced to the UK market in 1998 remains No.1 in both UK sales and reliability.

This simple yet highly robust installation, features two drive units per system, powered by 0.55kw geared motors.  The heart of the system is our specially formulated Ultra-Glide rope. Even after all these years, no other rope has been proven to out-perform our Ultra-Glide rope.

Key benefits of Ultra-Glide Rope

    • No adverse effect on cows feet
    • Out-performs all other ropes
    • Excellent resistance to wear & tear

Drive units can be wall or ground mounted depending on layout, making this system the ideal choice when retro-fitting your existing buildings.

Scraper options

  • Pro-Diamond slat scraper blade : designed for superior cleaning, features diagonal blade
  • Pro-Scrape two direction : rubber scraper for two direction scraping requiring dump tank at both ends
  • Opti-Clean solid passage scraper : efficient scraping for solid floors
  • Combi-Scrape folding blade : folding scraper for drive-through feed passages

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