“Cowcare Jetwash Footbath” making daily footbathing practical.

The Cowcare Jetwash Footbath is manufactured in high-grade non-corrosive stainless steel through which we pump footbath solution from jets positioned both front and back.  This allows the liquid to cleanse and penetrate the entire hoof, greatly reducing the presence of bacterial infections between the cleats, around the dew claws and the area above the interdigital space.

The footbath has an internal reservoir holding around 70 litres and can be replenished via mains water supply, ensuring that the chemical strength remains consistent throughout the process. To aid cleaning, any solid particles are removed quickly and efficiently via the motorised cleaning system.

Key Benefits

  • Makes daily footbathing practical.
  • Rubber anti-slip flooring finish.                                                   .
  • Powerful pump for jetting – housed internally.
  • Pump activates as cow approaches.
  • Built in motorised filtration.
  • Stainless Steel Construction – resistant to all chemicals including Copper Sulphate.
  • Low chemical usage compared to traditional footbaths.

Dimensions- 3200mm  x 870mm, Designed to fit within existing race.