Hydro-Flush Sheep Footbath – simply doing it better

How effective is your current footbath?  By the time half the stock are through, do you consider it to be contaminated and therefore largely ineffective?

With our unique (Patent Pending) Jetting & Filtering system coupled with a Robust Chemical Resistant Stainless Steel construction we have a positive answer to these questions.

The Pump & Jetting system delivers flushing liquid from each end of the foot bath exiting in the centre.  This liquid including the contaminants exit the treatment zone and drops onto the filter area leaving the dung and bedding material on top of the mesh.  The filtered liquid is then returned to the tank to be recirculated.

1. The pumped liquid drives through between the claws cleaning more thoroughly the inter-digital space.

2. Contaminants are quickly and effectively flushed away denying them the opportunity to dissolve in the chemical mix.

3. The debris being removed means the chemical mix remains more effective, therefore a better result for your flock and reduced chemical used means less expense and less environmental impact on your farm.

Static and Mobile versions available.