A comfortable cow is a productive cow.

Is there any place hotter and more stifling than a barn filled with dairy cows or other livestock on a hot summers day? This can have an extreme and costly adverse effect on production and efficiency of all exposed to it, to say nothing of accelerating spoilage, and the constant annoyance of flying insects.

The fact is, a cool cow is a productive cow. Repeated studies have shown that HVLS fans significantly cool dairy cows through the evaporative cooling process.  Studies show for every 2° C a cow is cooled, milk production can increase by 1 litre per cow.  These additional milk profits coupled with the energy savings, enable AirVolution HVLS fans from Megafan Technologies to pay for themselves in a short period of time, and generate significant recurring additional profits to dairy operations after pay back.

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AirVolution HVLS livestock barn fans are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating these large open environments. They also provide an ideal means to distribute warm air (reverse is a standard feature) from overhead heat systems during the colder months. Even barns with large always-open doors or an open-shed type of construction can reap the benefits of our efficient and cost effective technology.

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Here’s why:
  • Moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body, accelerating the cooling effect.  This cooling effect can be increased dramatically if used in conjunction with misting or wetting of the cows’ backs.
  • During the Winter Season, AirVolution HVLS technology de-stratifies uneven temperatures that occur at each level throughout the barn forcing unused heated air from the ceiling down to the floor where it can have a positive impact on cows. This heat differential can be in excess of 8° C from ceiling to floor, enabling significant cost savings and comfort when thermostat levels are reduced.  This can also reduce the potential for freezing ice on the floor.
  • One AirVolution dairy barn fan consumes about the same electricity as one high-speed alley fan while moving over 12 times the air.
  • One AirVolution fan costs about 8p an hour to operate.
  • The average air speed in a barn supplied with MacroAir fans is greater than the same barn supplied with small high-speed fans.
  • Cows do not bunch up, air moves over and under the herd, regardless of their position in the barn.
  • Flying insects stay away. Birds also react to the large, slow moving airfoil blades and stay out!
  • Any water on the ground evaporates quickly reducing the threat of mastitis and the nuisance of flies not to mention the cooling effect of the evaporation.
  • The floor jet produced by these dairy barn and livestock fans cannot be generated by conventional high-speed fans designed to blow air over the top of the cows.