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Electric Foot Trimming Crush

Developed by foot-trimming professionals to ensure safety for both animals and operator.  Due to the Unique A-Frame construction, the Cowcare range of Hoof-Trimming Crushes are the most robust design available on the market.  Our rotary cam front gate opening system offers unparalleled safety to the operator,  allowing the gate to open without entering the danger zone .
Our Electric Foot-Trimming Crush features four 12vDC electric motors making it suitable for large herds and contractors.  These motors are powered  by the on-board battery which allows the Crush to be used without the presence of mains electricity, ideal for out-farms.  Capable of 35+ cows from a single charge, this Crush offers a level of flexibility over its competitors.  The Cowcare Electric Foot Trimming Crush has an in-built battery charger which couples to the mains through a simple 13amp plug.

As standard the crush features-

  • Unique A-Frame construction
  • Full access front head gate
  • Rubber flooring
  • Four electric winches
  • Rear rump chain
  • Wooden front leg blocks
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish

Technical Specifications-

  • Length       2.0 mtrs
  • Height        2.3 mtrs
  • Width         1.4 mtrs
  • Weight       380 kg

Options available-

  • Rear guide gates for easy loading.
  • Anti-kick rump rail for grinder use.
  • Easy load trailer system.

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