Maximise milking speed and operating efficiency with the Cowcare Systems Challenger Backing Gate. 

The backing gate is designed for large collecting yards, handling large numbers of cows and is an ideal choice for round the clock milking operations.


The Cowcare Challenger Backing Gate is custom built to your collecting yard requirements, and can vary in width up to 20 metres.  Both gantry and gate are manufactured entirely from steel and are hot-dip galvanised for maximum service life.

Scraper attachment for both solid and slatted floors is available.

Key Features-

  • Reduced labour – single operator
  • Remote operation
  • Automated travel – adjustable speed
  • Cow friendly
  • Built to order
  • Robust design

Controlled with a robust hand-sized unit which can be suspended in the pit backing gate is simple to use. Local controls are also mounted on the gate so that the operator has complete control when loading the cows into the yard.

Our Challenger Backing Gate is simple to operate and moves in a programmed manner, swinging upward and over the waiting cows before moving to the starting point in the collection yard. The gate then lowers into the operational position ready to usher the next batch of cows to the parlour from a starting point determined by the operator using the hand control unit.

The smooth round hock-bar on the gate is used to urge the cows forward into the milking parlour as required. When the gate is in motion there is a siren sound safeguarding the operation and in addition, cows quickly learn to respond to the sound and react by edging forward towards the parlour before the gate begins to move. Experience shows that cows are fully trained to the gate within 2 – 3 weeks of operation.


  • Reduced labour – single operator
  • Reduced milking times due to improved cow throughput.
  • Reduced stress levels of both animals and operator
  • Safer working enviroment

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