Auto-Flush Walkway Footbath — keeping your herd in motion with an Automatic Cow Footbath.

A cost efficient Automatic Cow Footbath reduces labour costs and contact with the chemical.  The integral program enables the user to set up the bath to automatically fill, dose, flush and replenish. This overcomes the risk of poorly maintained footbaths spreading disease from cow to cow.  Reducing the incidences of lameness will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The Auto-Flush Walkway is manufactured from heavy duty, non-corrosive stainless steel, and fitted with our non-slip flooring for animal safety and increased cow through-put.

Simple touch screen controls gives the operator the choice to fill, empty or flush the bath.

In ‘Automatic’ mode, the bath can automatically empty after a set number of cows have passed through the Auto-Flush walkway.  The system will then start the flush sequence and refill ready for the next batch.

Key Features

  • Designed for effective & efficient cleaning
  • Simple ‘ONE Touch’ system programming
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Designed for improved cow-flow and safety
  • Suitable for all chemicals
  • Durable, heavy-duty stainless steel construction for years of use
  • Minimizes labour so you can focus on herd management
  • Customized for multi-alley or multi-bath installations

Dimensions- 3100mm  x 875mm