Agrilight b.v. has developed a series of optimised fixtures for different types of livestock agri lighting. The AL2007 series.

The AL2007 series of fixtures has been specially developed to provide lighting in livestock housing up to 24 metres wide, from just 1 row of lights positioned in the centre of the house. The use of just 1 row of fixtures means lower annual costs for installation and maintenance compared with conventional lighting.

The AL2007 can be used to light all types of livestock housing, storage areas and agricultural buildings. The AL2007 is available with a High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamp in 250 and 400 watt models. A special dimmable 70 watt model is available for poultry.

We now sell LED Lighting. See HERE for more information.

Agrilight® supplies all the accessories required for the AL2007.

Exceptional heat management
The housing of these fixtures is manufactured mainly from aluminium. Aluminium was chosen because it contributes to the exceptional heat management of these fixtures, which in turn ensures that the components used have a long service life. Stainless steel is used for components with a screw thread and for suspended parts.

Low installation and maintenance costs 
These fixtures have an intelligent click system for the installation brackets on the top, saving a lot of time and manpower during installation. Louvres on the rear of the fixture provide additional air circulation on all sides. In conjunction with the rounded top, this means that dirt is less likely to stick to the fixture.

Optimum light distribution 
The integral spirit level ensures that it is very easy to install the fixtures horizontally, guaranteeing optimum light intensity and distribution.