The Cowcare Ventilation Light Ridge is a new system designed to improve ventilation and natural light when fitted to new or existing buildings.

The Ridge is manufactured from galvanised framework and Multiwall Polycarbonate roof panels, and is available in widths of 1.5m,and 2.5m. It provides a 600mm air exhaust and is designed to suit a range of roof pitches. It has no moving parts and once fitted, requires no maintenance.

The active side wind plates create the Venturi effect, which enable the system to exhaust hot gases and fumes in almost any weather conditions.

The extraction of exhausted air is just as important as the supply of fresh air. This is because the volume of air that can be supplied can only be as great as the volume of vented or extracted air.

Fitting the Ventilation Light Ridge to a livestock building will improve natural ventilation and light and will help to improve animal health and herd performance by removing dust, disease, bacteria and moisture from the environment.

The Ridge has been snow-load tested and is waterproof.

The Light Ridge is one part of a ventilation solution and Cowcare always recommends that it is used in conjunction with a suitable side cladding system such as the Cowcare Ultima Louvre or our curtain systems.


  • Healthier environment for livestock
  • Less risk of diseases such as pneumonia, mastitis and scours
  • Improved natural light
  • No fans or moving parts – needs no adjustment
  • Fits to new and existing buildings